Woohoo! Party time! Launch day!

Today, Teacher’s Pet is available wherever books are sold. I’m so excited!

This is the very first romance novel I ever wrote, many years ago. It has a complicated history involving many editors and revisions — writers know this kind of sad story, but it’s not one that readers often hear. An editor liked it well enough to ask for a few changes. This is usually a good sign as they don’t waste time trying to revise a book unless they think they might publish it. I made the changes and sent it in, and the editor switched jobs. She still liked the book, so we made some more changes that might make it work better for the editor’s new acquisition duties. And then the editor quit working in publishing altogether, a new editor came on board, and the new editor asked for extra time to evaluate the manuscript. More time passed, more things changed at the publishing house, and more changes were requested to reflect new goals.

And it Just. Kept. Happening. Fast-forward (I should say slow-forward!) so many years — so many years, you guys — and the book is finally available to readers today.

This is a really common scenario, and all I can say is Whew! I’m really excited to have this one done! I hope people enjoy it!

Kayla Drake_TP Ebook Cover_Final_


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