The benches at the zoo

In Teacher’s Pet, one pivotal scene takes place on a bench at the Lincoln Park Zoo. This is a free municipal zoo in Lincoln Park, right across Lake Shore Drive from North Avenue Beach. It’s a nice little zoo, and on any pleasant day, you can spot plenty of nannies with their charges wandering between school groups and tourists.

The scene at the zoo starts at the seal exhibit, a popular spot in the center of the zoo. From there, Audrey, Cole, and a couple of surprise visitors move to a nearby bench. As I was writing the scene, I kept thinking about all the benches scattered throughout this zoo that would serve the purposes of this scene. There are long rows of slat benches near the smaller African animals.

zoo bench one

There is a sunny matching slat bench on a pavilion overlooking the waterfowl gardens — I’m a big fan of the flamingoes!zoo flamingo

But some of my favorite benches are near the farm animals and petting zoo — giant slabs of rock that aren’t very cozy, but the kids can’t resist them!

zoo bench 3

So now, when you read that scene, you can see the bench where Audrey has an important conversation with the surprise visitors!


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