The scene on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

navy pier ferris wheel

When I decided to write romance novels set in Chicago, I knew that sooner or later, I would have to include a scene on the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier. The Ferris Wheel was invented in Chicago — did you know that? A man named (you guessed it!) Ferris invented it for the Columbia Exposition in 1893, and they even used to call the Chicago wheels instead of Ferris wheels.

So in Teacher’s Pet, Dennis and Audrey meet at Navy Pier and take Dennis’s son Cole for a ride on the big wheel. Here’s a little taste of what happens in that scene.


The car inched smoothly higher. Dennis found it hard to concentrate on anything but the smile flitting around Audrey’s lips and the warmth of her arm against him.

“Where’s our house?” Cole asked. “I want to see our house.”

Dennis examined the north shore. A tall building blocked the view of their apartment, but the gondola swayed up a notch.

Dennis said. “There. Behind the one with the blue light on the roof.”

“I can’t see it!” Cole complained, so Dennis pointed. “Oh, there it is.”

“Where?” Audrey asked.

It was all the excuse Dennis needed. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her snug against his body, then he leaned close to rest his cheek against hers. Her skin was soft, softer even than Cole’s. He resisted the urge to nuzzle his beard shadow against that smooth cheek.

He lifted his other arm and tried to point out his apartment along her sight line.

“There,” he whispered. His voice felt thick in his throat.

She held perfectly still. He couldn’t even feel her breathing. The warm skin of her cheek caressed his as the car bobbled higher.

“Oh,” she said, the word a long breath.

He turned toward her head, and his lips grazed that tender spot where her cheek met her lips. He almost groaned with the desire to kiss her. To really kiss her.

Turn to me. Kiss me.

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