September Challenge: Read, Write, Plan


I’ve watched social media posting challenges in the past, and they seem like so much fun! This month, I’m going to join in on one that’s for people who like planners. I’m kind of a planner junkie (understatement!), so this should be pretty easy for me to manage. Over on twitter (@KaylaDrakeBooks — come say hi and follow me!), I’ll be posting photos and tips every day of this challenge.

Today, I posted a blank spread for my monthly page in a planner dedicated to tracking my writing and editing projects. Nothing is written in these pages yet! I use the weekly pages in this particular planner for planning and scheduling, and I use the monthly calendar page to track what I actually managed to do. I’ll have color-coded notes in all of these boxes but two — the box for September 8, when I will be taking a day trip and won’t be working, and the box for September 11, when Teacher’s Pet launches. (It’s on preorder sale for only 99 cents now!) By the end of this month, these pages will be so covered in colorful notes that I’ll hardly even notice the mermaids!

So be sure to check out this challenge on twitter, instagram, and other social media sites — it’s a fun one if you like planners!


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