So Pretty!

Kayla Drake_TP Ebook Cover_Final_

I’m crazy about this cover!

My graphic designer, Charlotte at Envy Designs, knocked this one out of the park. When we were talking about cover concepts, the idea I kept returning to was that each book in this series ends with a wedding. Spoiler alert! Romance novels have happy endings! 🙂

Not all happy endings require a wedding, of course, but for this particular story, the wedding at the end matters. Successful investment banker Dennis Delaney begins the story with a determination to never marry again. He isn’t opposed to marriage in general, and he was married once before to a woman he loved deeply. But he blames himself for her tragic death, and he’s convinced that the only way to repent is to dedicate his entire life to the meticulous care of their son Cole. Dennis is a father who has to control every detail of his son’s care. Has to. Every detail.

For Dennis, the wedding at the end of the book is an affirmation of his new love and commitment, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about healing and hope. It’s about trust — not just trusting others, but trusting himself, too. It’s about family.

Yeah, the wedding belongs on the cover.


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