Sweet Home, Chicago

Though I’ve lived in other locations, I’m a native Chicagoan. No matter where else the wind might blow me, I always end up home again in Chicago. This is my place. This is my city.

So when I decided to write a series of romance novels, it was natural to set them here. This city has it all — winter snows and summer sunshine, beautiful beaches and towering mountains made of steel and glass, famous landmarks and hidden “locals only” gems. We’re a city of neighborhoods, a melting pot where the ingredients remain distinct. We combine Midwest practicality and urban sophistication all at once. I wanted to share something of my love for this city in these books, and so every book shows something that I love about my sweet home.

Like me, my characters also move around a bit. My readers will see glimpses of the Scottish Highlands and the Michigan fruit orchards, but every book will also show something real and true about the way Chicagoans live. We’ll explore some of those settings on this blog, too. I’ll even take pictures and show you the exact spots where my characters experienced a scene.

I hope we have fun together along the way!


Chicago skyline photo

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